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Day 1

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Jan Ziolkowski: From before Attila to beyond Hitler: The Waltharius and the Complications of the German(ic) Past (Keynote)



I.A Romanticism and Yearning

Walter Berschin: Walahfrid Strabo’s “Tagebuch” a. 815 bis a. 825 (DE)
Andreas Hjort Møller: The Latin Viking: The Longing for Saxo’s Nordic Songs in 18th-century Danish Early Romanticism


I.B Dante’s Earthly and Heavenly Homelands

Roberto Angelini: Longing for Florence: Laurel and Love for Lost Homeland in the Last (Latin) Verse of Dante (IT)
Rus Vasile: Contemplatio Dei, desiderium divinae mentis et nostalgia paradisi. La pedagogia umanistica della Ratio atque institutio studiorum Societatis Iesu (IT)


I.C The Imagined British past – Geoffrey of Monmouth

Georg Stenborg: Nostalgia for the British past? On genre and mentality in Geoffrey of Monmouth and Maistre Wace
Sonia Madrid Medrano: Nostalgia for the Brit(on) that never was: Arthurian Thatcherism in John Boorman’s Excalibur (1981)



II.A Three Different Paradises

Cédric Giraud: Heaven can wait? Eden and Heavenly Jerusalem – between Nostalgia and Desire in the central Middle Ages
Danuta Shanzer: Nostalgia and the Theology of Sentiment:  Augustine’s Eden and the Pagan Imaginaire. Case Studies from the Latin Middle Ages
Maria Nenarokova: The Heavenly Jerusalem in Medieval Latin Hymnography


II.B Homesickness in Elegy and Letters

Gernot Wieland: Nostalgia in Alcuin’s letters
Anna Ritzel: Die Zelle als Sehnsuchtsort – Der nostalgische Dichter und fromme Christ in Alkuins ‚O mea cella‘ (DE)
Theo Lap: Nostalgic Monks and Homesick Bishops: Discourses of Anti-Nostalgia in High Medieval Letter Collections


II.C Medievalism – Theory

Rasmus Vangshardt: Latin Medievalisms and the Ecstasies of Time in Early Modern Drama
Martin Šorm People, Elites and Nostalgia – Medievalism in Contemporary Czech Populism
Jeff Rider: Semper Fi: How Can I feel Nostalgic for the Middle Ages?



III.A Looking back to Rome, Troy, and Ruins

Sinéad O’Sullivan: Nostalgia for Ancient Rome in the Carolingian Age
Susanna Fischer: Cities and Ruins – Troy, Rome and the Memory of Past Glory in Medieval Latin Poetry
Gabriele Cocco: The sic transit gloria mundi theme: the Latin Middle Ages and the Old English The Ruin


III.B Petrarch

Jean-Yves Tilliette: Iamque arsisse pudet… Sur quelques vers de Pétrarque (FR)
Peter Orth: Optarem vel me in tuam vel te in nostram etatem incidisse. Petrarcas Sehnsucht nach der antiken Literatur (DE)
Justin Haynes: Antagonistic Nostalgia for Antiquity: Petrarch’s Reading of Walter of Châtillon’s Alexandreis


III.C Monastic Nostalgia

Francesco Mosetti Casaretto: La nostalgia monastica mediolatina (IT)
Iva Adámková: Bernard of Clairvaux: Arguments against Cluniac Monasticism with Reference to the Tradition of the Desert Fathers
Jan Ctibor:  (Monastic) Paradise Lost and Regained. The Image of Ur-Monasticism in Idung of Prüfening‛s Dialogus.




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Day 2


IV.A Constructing an aetas aurea at a Court

Lars Boje Mortensen: A Language Bringing an Empire: Classic Nostalgia and the Empowerment of Imperial Discourse c. 1050-1200 (keynote)
János Rédey-Keresztény: The Golden Age of Attila the Hun at the Court of Matthias Corvinus
Václav Žůrek: Nostalgia for a Golden Age under Charles IV in 15th Century Bohemia
Antoni A. Biosca i Bas: Los buenos tiempos del buen rey Jaime. Literatura latina en recuerdo de Jaime I (ES)


IV.B Later Medieval Poetry and Poetics

Matouš Jaluška: Reshaping the Golden Age in Old Czech Chivalric Fiction
Dominika Kovács: Andreas Capellanus and Enea Silvio Piccolomini: Influence of a Medieval Treatise
Farkas Gábor Kiss: Imitation and nostalgia: the Poetria nova and its poetic influence in the late Middle Ages


IV.C Seen through a Telescope: Classical Latin in the Middle Ages

Anahí Álvarez: Linguistic Nostalgia in Medieval Latin Documents from Catalonia
Florencia Cuadra García: De orthographia de Parisio de Altedo, un completo tratado de ortografía latina de la Baja Edad Media (ES)
Adam Poznanski: Peter the Venerable and Classical Latin. A Stylistic Analysis of “Contra Petrobrusianos”



V.A Past and Present in Charters

Guadalupe Lopetegui Semperena: La oposición pasado/presente como lugar común en los proemios de la documentación altomedieval (ES)
Juan Francisco Mesa Sanz: Un jardín frente al mar: Imaginario historiográfico y realidad documental en la conquista del Reino de Valencia (ES)  
Adrián Ares Legaspi: When Nostalgia Became Tradition: The use of old Medieval Documentary Features in the Diplomata of the Kingdom of Castile in the 15th Century


V.B The Classics remembered in Humanism

Marta Ramos-Grané: Manipulating memory, a mistake in Romberch’s recalling  
Tristan Spillmann: Cicero versus Bartolo or Antiquity versus the Middle Ages. The Dualisms of Past and Present in Lorenzo Valla’s Epistola contra Bartolum
Rodney Lokaj: Nostalgic Philology: Bembo’s ‘Ad Herculem Strotium’  


V.C Longing and Bereavement inHistoriography

Hanna Rajfura: The Past as Source of Knowledge, Longing, and Legitimacy: the Case of the Late Medieval Polish Historian Jan Długosz
Wojciech Mrozowicz: Egressi de sacro Lubensis cenobii paradyso. Über das Gefühl der Sehnsucht im Leben der Mönche (anhand der schlesischen mittelalterlichen Klostergeschichtsschreibung) (DE)
Jesús Rodríguez Viejo: A Bereaved Daughter: Dynastic Memory and Performance in the Royal Pantheon of León, Spain




VI.A Architrenius

Lorenzo Carlucci and Laura Marino: The Architrenius as an Epic of Nostalgia
Floriane Goy: « Omne bonum ueterum labiis distillat » : L’exemple de l’Antiquité dans l’Architrenius de Jean de Hanville (FR)


VI.B Reception of the Classics: Golden Oldies or Not?

Hannelore Segers: The Late Antique Cento and Virgil’s Golden Age
Alexander Andrée: Conrad of Hirsau, the Latin Classics, and not being nostalgic in the Twelfth Century


VI.C Transmission of Learning: Looking Back with Mixed Feelings

Julian Yolles: Between Nostalgia and Innovation: Classical Learning in the Latin East
Erika Kihlman: Late-Medieval Teaching Material: Conservatism, Nostalgia, Antiquarianism?



VII.A Carolingian Longings?

Tino Licht: Sehnsucht nach barbarischer Größe? Gotennostalgie in der lateinischen Literatur und Überlieferung der Karolingerzeit (DE)
David A.  Traill Nostalgia in Gottschalk and Walahfrid





VII.B The Bible Rewritten

Carmen Cardelle de Hartmann: Looking back to the Second Temple: Petrus Alfonsi on the Jewish Past  
Wojciech Stelmach: Linguistic Expressions of Nostalgia for Paradise Lost in Old-Polish Apocrypha about Adam and Eve


VII.C Prophecy and Revelation

Gabriele Passabi: Back to the Future: Prophecy, Temporality, and Nostalgia in Twelfth-Century Universal Chronicles
Pavlína Cermanová Return to Innocence: Apocalyptic Mutation in Hussite Radicalism

VII. D Miraculous Healing

Lukasz Halida: Sanatio corporis – sanatio animae. Le guarigioni miracolose e la sua dinamica psicologica e spirituale nei testi medievali sui santi polacchi (IT)
Agnieszka Maciąg-Fiedler: Miracles were done once – the Medicine of Nicholas of Poland


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Day 3


VIII.A Longing women

Katja Weidner: Virginity Lost: Hrotsvitha’s Mary and the Point of No Return
Dorota Rojszczak-Robińska: Longing for a Child – a Depiction of Infertility in the Old Polish Apocrypha of the New Testament
Francesca Robusto: Heloise or Redemption from Nostalgia (IT)


VIII.B The Linguistics of Regret

Bruno Bon: La ‘nostalgie’ en latin médiéval : une étude lexicale comme les autres (FR)
Krzysztof Nowak: Beyond Sin. Linguistic representation of the Regret in medieval Latin Texts
Anna Ledzińska: Longing for perfection. Virtus in Polish Medieval Latin


VIII.C Editorial Psychology: Manuscripts and Editions

Giani, Marina Longing for the Best Copy. The Textual Restoration of Augustine’s De ciuitate Dei in the Carolingian Era
Salaroli, Matteo Echoes of a lLost Manuscript: the Codex Moissiacensis and the Stemma Codicum of Notker’s Gesta Karoli
Galban, Clemens The Statutes of Raudnitz-Klosterneuburg of 1420 and their Redaction




IX.A Nostalgia in Late Medieval Politics

Haye, Thomas Die Desolatio regni Francie des Robert Blondel (gest. nach 1460). – Poetische Nostalgie im Dienste nationaler Politik (DE)
Nývlt, Pavel Nostalgias in Hussite Bohemia
Engelbrecht, Wilken Nostalgie bestätigt: das kaiserliche Privilegium der friesischen Freiheit vom Jahre 1417 (DE)



IX.B Text Analysis

Hein, Caecilia Désirée Discourse and Community. The Writings of Bernhard of Waging in the context of Late Medieval Monastic Reform
Louis Zweig The Biblical Structure of the Waltharius
Tristan Major Legitur spermologus: Frithegod and the Use of Greek in the Breuiloquium Vitae Sancti Wilfredi


IX.C Contemplating the Saints

Rosalind Love Looking back at St Augustine of Canterbury
Patryk Ryczkowski Why Did Early Modern Epic Poetry Glorify the Medieval Saints? St. John of Nepomuk in the Nepomuceneis Persicos
Babette Hellemans Viewing the Saints: Film-Theory and Religious Imagination in the Liturgy of the Paraclete (12th century)




X.A Late Medieval Theology and its Imagined Primitive Church

Petra Mutlová Discens factus est sciens: Recommendation Speeches in Late Medieval Bohemia
Lucie Mazalová A Reformation Preacher between Nostalgia for the Ideal Primitive Church and Personal Desire to Return to the Lord
Micali, Luciano The Reference to Tradition and to Good Models in the Theological Speculation of Jean Gerson


X.B Expressing Emotions

Daniela E.Mairhofer The Dynamics of Nostalgia in the 13th Century
Michał Rzepiela: Description of Emotions in Medieval Historiography – The Case of the Annales Regni Poloniae of Jan Długosz
Alfonso García Leal: Emociones en la epigrafía medieval hispana (ES)



X.C (Glossed) manuscripts

Evina Steinová: The Oldest Annotations to the Etymologiae of Isidore of Seville: How to Analyze Them, How to Edit Them?
Stover, Justin Theognis Latinus: Henricus Aristippus and the Greek Past
Christina Jackel and Jiří Černý Tassilo to go. Das Kremsmünsterer Beutelbuch CC 391


16:00-17:00 Wrap up session